Want to be sure that your pet can always be identified? A microchip makes it possible to identify your furry friend quickly and effectively in case they ever run away or get lost. 

Why should I have my pet microchipped? 

The main advantage to microchipping is that it provides a permanent and universal way to identify them. Once implanted, the microchip never needs replacing; it will remain effective for your animal’s lifetime. It will never get lost and allows your pet to be identified if ever needed. It contains a unique ID number contained in a database. The number is used to look up the owner’s contact information. The vast majority of Québec’s veterinary clinics, shelters and SPCA locations have a microchip reader they can use to identify your pet and quickly contact you. 

Will my pet feel any pain? 

As implied by its name, a microchip is very small—no bigger than a grain of rice. It is inserted with a small needle, but other than the slight discomfort during insertion, the microchip is painless for the rest of your pet’s life. As the materials in the chip are inert and biocompatible, you have no reason to worry about effects on your pet’s health. 

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