Vaccination for Dogs

Your pet needs a range of vaccines to strengthen their immunity and stay healthy. Our veterinarians are available to plan an optimal vaccination schedule for your dog throughout their lifetime. 


Your puppy can receive their first doses of vaccine from 6 weeks old. Booster shots are generally needed from then until 16 weeks old. You can refer to your puppy’s vaccination card for all the information you need on recommended vaccines and to keep track of these vaccines. In general, the first vaccines protect against: 

  • Distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza virus: the DHPP vaccine is the basic vaccine for your puppy. Its name refers to the four diseases from which it provides protection. 
  • Kennel cough: this disease is transmitted through the nasal and oral secretions of infected dogs. This vaccine is often required by boarding kennels. 
  • Rabies: this virus is deadly and can be transmitted to humans.
  •  Lyme disease: this disease is transmitted by ticks. 
  • Leptospirosis: this disease is caused by leptospira, bacteria found in water contaminated by the urine of wild animals. Leptospirosis can attack the kidneys and be transmitted to humans. 

How can I ensure my puppy’s vaccination goes smoothly? 

We recommend that you call as soon as possible to book a vaccination appointment as demand for this service is very high. It is important that you bring your pet treats, toys or favourite stuffed animal to reassure and distract them. If you have a medical file or vaccination card for your pet, please bring that as well.

Dogs: Even after their first vaccinations, your dog will need booster shots, either annually or every two to three years, depending on the established protocol. Your vet will advise you on the vaccinations needed to adequately immunize your pet, according to your lifestyle and your pet’s environment.

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