Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ? Combined with their coat, your pet’s skin accounts for 12% of their body weight! This natural barrier protects your pet but is often exposed to small threats. Pets can frequently experience skin conditions. It is important to address them quickly as they may obscure more serious problems. 

What factors lead to skin conditions? 

Although there are a number of factors that can cause skin conditions, they can be separated into two categories: 

Internal factors (generally related to a known or unknown health condition): 

  • An allergy 
  • A hypersensitivity
  • A reaction to certain ingredients in hygiene products you use for or around your pet (shampoo,      laundry detergent, disinfecting floor cleaner, etc.) 
  • Chronic illness
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Etc. 

External factors: 

  • Too dry or too humid of an environment
  • Parasites (fleas, mites, ticks, etc.)
  • Bacteria or fungi
  • Etc.

How can skin conditions be prevented? 

There are a number of preventative actions you can take to reduce the likelihood of your pet developing a skin condition. Proper care of your pet’s skin and coat is essential to good dermatological health. Feed them a healthy diet with all the nutrients they need to avoid deficiencies, brushed them regularly and get them groomed to keep their skin and coat in perfect health. The condition of your pet’s skin can also be assessed during a veterinary examination. 

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