Ultrasounds and X-rays

Ultrasounds and x-rays provide a clear picture of your pet’s internal health. Ultrasound scans use high-frequency sound waves and x-rays use electromagnetic radiation. These technologies allow our team to view your pet’s internal structure and make diagnoses when applicable. 

What is an ultrasound scan? 

Used for both diagnosis and follow-up, ultrasound scans make it possible to see the condition and functioning of the internal organs. It is a completely painless method of obtaining a moving image of soft tissues (in the abdomen, heart, etc). It allows the veterinarian to see a live picture of the situation. It is also used for monitoring gestation.     

What are x-rays? 

X-rays are used to provide a static image of almost any part of the body. Animals generally don’t need a tranquillizer or sedative for this procedure. However, if your pet is having trouble staying calm, we can administer safe and reversible tranquillizers combined with painkillers to help them relax.

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